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Name:  Tamara Anguiano

Occupation: Founder and Director  of Aroma Institute.  Certified Aromatherapist, Aromatherapy &    Ayurvedic  Educator &  Practitioner, IAYT Recognized Yoga Therapist

Constitution: Pitta –Kapha

Place of Residence: Yucatán Mexico and Texas, U.S.A. 

Background and Personal History: Tamara’s  interest in natural medicine stems from a life  spent  close to  nature. As a child in northern  Italy, forests were her backyard and she learned early on from the villagers to be  diligent about protecting them as our benefactors. As a teenager and as an adult living on remote islands in French Polynesia, Tamara learned from  locals there to rely on plants and the sea for simple, beautiful & powerful medicine gifted from Mother Earth.

Tamara took her first aromatherapy custom blending  course in New York in 1987. After completing her aromatherapy certification work, Tamara advanced her knowledge with courses in Natural Skincare Formulation, Incense Crafting, and Essential Oils for Pregnancy.  She completed three Aromatherapy Teacher Trainings and an Advanced Graduate Program in Aromatherapy. Besides private consultations, she  provides workshops on various topics such as healing with  essential oils,  safety, how to identify quality essential oils,  & DIY classes.


Tamara completed  her advanced training in yoga therapy under Joseph and Lilian Le Page at Kripalu,   quickly embracing the powerful connection between the sister sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda.  She went on to study  Ayurveda at the American Institute of Vedic Studies and  graduated  from the San Diego College of  Ayurveda where she studied  Ayurveda foundations, herbal medicine, nutrition, pulse diagnosis and marma therapy. She then completed extensive practitioner trainings at the California College of Ayurveda, and herbal medicine and holistic nutrition training at the International Integrative Educational Institute. She also studied under  the late Vaidya  Mishra of the Shaka Vasiya  family lineage of Ayurvedic Medicine that  can be  traced back to the ancient Vedic text, the Puranas. Tamara continues to mentor with leaders in the field of natural healing, enhancing her clinical skills in herbal medicine, aromatherapy, ayurvedic diet and lifestyle practices. 


Tamara empowers  her clients  to  develop deeply nourishing habits that they can weave into the tapestry of their lives. She blends  together a rich mixture of elements from  yoga therapy, aromatherapy, ayurveda, herbalism and holistic nutrition to create a healing journey that brings  balance to the mind and eases the body into well-being and health.  Tamara’s  private practice serves clients both nationally and internationally through one-on-one and group work, as well as online.  Her focus is on healing the entire person, empowering her clients to cultivate and maintain  healthy, satisfying and balanced lives and finding  the root causes of health concerns rather than just treating symptoms.

She resides part-time in Yucatán, Mexico and in Texas, U.S.A., with her husband and two dogs. As an integral part of her expression of her love for aromatherapy, herbs, and Ayurveda, she maintains her own garden,  enjoys incense crafting, strives to nourish her family with wholesome food and makes herbal medicine  and botanical products for her family and friends. Tamara has a Master of Art inEducation Administration & speaks 4 languages.

Current Projects: Researching  Maya traditional plant medicine

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