To Walk The Path Of Plant  Medicine

Online Level 1 Aromatherapy Certification Program

(Coming Winter 2020) 

A  Transformative Learning Experience that includes:

•    A Practical “Hands On” Approach
•    Learning the art & science of four unique blending

•    Learning how to create effective, safe artisan

     aromatic products
•    Learning the art & science of foundational

     Ayurvedic assessments
•    An extensive Resource List of high quality products,

     supplies websites, aromatherapy organizations, 

     journals & more. 


Anyone may register for this course.

No prerequisites and no previous aromatherapy training is required. 
This course meets and exceeds  the Level One Educational Standards  established by the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy's (NAHA)  & Council for Aromatherapy Schools and Educators (CASE).

Upon completion of this course, you may join NAHA as a Certified Aromatherapist: Level 1.



The  Foundations of Aromatherapy: Level One Certificate Program is also offered throughout the year,  in Nacogdoches, Texas and Yucatan,  Mexico.  Please email for upcoming dates.

Upcoming  Winter Workshops

DIY Botanical Products Series

Green Cleaning With Essential Oils

Your Kitchen Pharmacy



The mission at  Aroma Institute is to teach the art and science of aromatic and plant medicine while honoring diversity in both ancient, indigenous herbal traditions and modern science.


Aroma Institute is dedicated to reconnecting  people with plants and offering a transformative experience that honors our innate connection to nature. Aroma Institute teaches responsible and ethical selection and use of plants while taking into account the importance of sustainability and  conservation.


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